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Adoption Ambassador Bobby Wills

Bobby Wills – Canadian Recording Artist

Bobby Wills wasn’t sure where his talent for singing came from, but when he met his birthparents, this and many other things became more clear. The revelations gave him the added confidence to pursue his music career in earnest. Bobby shared his thoughts on connecting with birthfamily, with the Adoption Council of Canada.

My Mom and Dad were seventeen and convinced they could raise me! So plans were made to become parents, and it was time to grow up!

When premature labor and the ensuing medical issues and stresses came into the picture, everyone involved knew that they weren’t ready.   So a year later I was adopted by an amazing family, whose little girl was turning five and desperately wanted a brother. All I knew, was that I had been chosen by my family, was loved very much, and it was all I ever needed. 

What I didn’t know was that my adoption had not only been the right thing for me, but also for the parents who had made the extremely difficult decision to place me for adoption.

At the age of 20, I was fortunate enough to meet my Birth parents!  It was an amazing time of discovery - getting answers to questions I had never even thought to ask, being introduced to 5 siblings I didn’t know I had, the explanation for why I don’t like ketchup, and learning a million “genetic” things I had never known, and most miraculously, the introduction to what would become a huge part of my life – Music.  Through all of these discoveries, the most life changing revelation was the realization of  how much everyone involved had benefitted from my adoption! My parents were able to have a son that otherwise they could not have had. My big sister got a little brother to torture (she still does!) and most surprising to me at the time,  was realizing the gift it was for my birth parents, because their decision afforded them the time and opportunity to grow up and pursue their own dreams.

The amazing things that came out of my adoption continue to astound me every single day.  The knowledge of my adoption, has given new blessings to my life, and I am happy to support the work of the Adoption Council of Canada.  It’s so important for children to be a part of a loving permanent family, and finding those families for every child in foster care, is something we should all support.

- Bobby Wills